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Bluff Street themed games

Standard symbol for games that center around Bluff Street

JBsquared LLC is the development company that is developing all the games that you, the visitor, are able to play. This heptagon symbol will be placed on game's packaging and/or digital store description. The symbol indiciates that the setting for the game takes place on Bluff Street and is official canon

Bingo Forever

Bingo Forever

Stuart Rufio,Bluff Street's oldest caterpillar, collects stickers and bluffians use these stickers to play Bingo in the community center

Maximo’s BattleSim 2000

General Maximo, Bluff Street's grumpy retired Navy Seal Sea Lion, lives near the Dottyback Lake and hosts a battlesim game similar to battleship.

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Robert Suites

Thank you for your interest in visiting Bluff Street. In order to play games and tour the street you are required to book a room in Robert's Suites, the guest hotel building on Bluff Street, located at the end of the street. Room registeration requires a JBsquared ID. Unfortunately Robert's Suites is currently being worked on and is closed for the moment. The hotel will be open for business real soon. Thank you for your patience

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